Mrs. Craig's 3rd Grade

Hello 3rd grade parents,

January was a snow filled short month, but February is going to be jam packed with learning. In reading, our new unit is going to be on Heroes. Our first story was about The Titanic. The spelling words we are given this year are very difficult, so I suggest having your student write them every night. In Mat, we are continuing Multiplication and Division, we will be working on how to solve 2 step word problems with Math sight words, and we may even get to Fractions by the end of February. It is very important that your child studies their multiplication facts as much as possible. Have a great February!!!!
-Mr. Gilkey


For our “Take a Break Tuesday” activities on 2/22/22 in Mrs. Craig’s 3rd grade, we wrote about what we were able to do when we were two years old, and then what we hope to do when we are twenty-two years old. The kids had hopeful aspirations for their futures, some of which included getting a job, driving a car, living on their own, getting married, and owning a pet. 


We also wrote our own tongue twisters that started with “t” in honor of 2/22/22. The students worked in small groups to write them and these are the ones they came up with:

·      Timmy Toco tried to tickle turtles. The turtles tapped Timmy.

·      Terry Timmy tricked twenty tigers.

·      Timmy Thomas tackled twenty-three teensy-weensy turtles in tents.

·      Tyler Thomas tapped two terrified turtles.


For Math we made fractions with Hershey bars and worked through the book, “Hershey Bar Fractions.” Then, we got to eat the candy bars and figure out which fractions we were eating. It was delicious math!




January's News
Mrs. Craig's 3rd grade is learning about food chains and food webs. Our reading story called, "Nature's Patchwork Quilt," shows many ways that plants and animals depend on each other. We have been learning that humans can also have a good or a bad effect on plants and animals and their habitats. Humans depend on plants and animals also. It is amazing to learn how much we are all connected and how each piece of nature's "quilt" is important and valuable. 


In Mrs. Craig’s 3rd grade we have begun learning about multiplication. We have been making arrays from classroom objects and building the corresponding multiplication and addition sentences. Since it’s the Holiday season, we have been looking for arrays among common Christmas decorations and treats. The students enjoyed working in small groups to build their own arrays and enjoy the treats. 
For our “Take a Break Tuesday” activities, we looked for compound words in the classic poem, “The Night Before Christmas.” We learned many new vocabulary words from the poem and acted many of them out, while also listening for rhyming words and poetic rhythm. We made cute Christmas gnomes to decorate our classroom door. The students followed directions very well in making them and I think they turned out so well! Great job, 3rd graders!




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